June 20, 2011


Last week, I was in a fave gift shop of mine, Elle B, picking out a few odds and ends gifts for friends when owner L pointed out an adorable drink bucket that she thought I might like.  It was insulated with a too cute fabric with little clover shapes all over it.  You know the pattern, it's all the rage right now, and bestie M even used it as the background for our girl's luncheon invitation and Preppy Paper Girl has used it on various gifts she has crafted for me too.  Innocently enough, I said to L that I just am so smitten by that pattern and am snatching up any and every item I can find with it.  Her reply, "yes, quatrefoil is real popular right now."  Quatre-who?  And after a quick call to confirm the name of the pattern with M, I realized I just learned something new for the day and I have something of a quatrefoil crush!

Quatrefoil is a term that refers to "four leaves" or petals and applies to four lobed objects in everything from architecture to design.  There's great history of this shape's use it can commonly be found in Renaissance churches and even as a decorative symbol on commissioned Marine officer uniforms.  Who knew?

Besides the adorable stationary and such options I'm already crazy about, here's a few quatre-fabulous items I'm currently crushing on:

Suzanne Kasler designed rugs at Ballard Designs.  My go to store does it again with these simply perfect rugs!

Photo from Ballard Designs

Outdoor furniture at Neiman Marcus.  I'm pretty sure Dear Hubs would squish this purchase on price tag alone, but how fab is this furniture?

Photo from Neiman Marcus

This David Yurman necklace captures the shape and classic design flawlessly.  (What does Mr. Yurman do that isn't flawless?)

Photo from Saks 5th Avenue

These Regina Andrew sconces are just fab!

Photo from Layla Grace

Check it out!  And next time someone tells you that they love that "4 point, clover looking, sort of geometric shape pattern that's real popular" you can look like a total smarty and let them know what it's really called!

~charmed b