June 06, 2011

Necklace Scavenger Hunt

So many necklaces ... so little time, well - so little time to locate the perfect one to wear when you are rushing out the door late to a meeting, event or even just for errands!  Try as I might to stay organized, it seems that my obsession with fun necklaces has outpaced my ability to keep them all orderly stored in my closet. 

Inspired by the notion of those fabulously stylish jewelry boards that experts use at jewelry shows and remembering that bestie S told me she had made herself one of these years ago, I made two adorable (and spacious) storage boards to keep my fun finds organized and easy to grab in a snap!  In under and hour, I had completed the project and hung my little gems.  Now, these two are hanging perfectly at the end of my closet and ready for use!

 The Dish (what you need):
  • inexpensive shadow box (these are on sale in the framing dept at craft stores frequently)
  • foam board
  • batting
  • muslin fabric
  • push pins
  • glue gun
  • tape

How To Voodoo (what you do):
1.  Begin by cutting all your supplies to size.  First, cut the foam board the same size as the opening of the shadow box.  Cut the batting and muslin a bit larger so that it can wrap around the foam.
2.  Use hot glue or adhesive to attach the batting to one side of the foam board.  Pull tight and flat as you go.
3.  Wrap the batting around the foam and pull tight.  Tape to secure it into place.
4.  Lay the muslin fabric flat and repeat steps 2 and 3, except do NOT glue the fabric to the board or batting.  Be sure to pull tight.
5.  Assemble your shadow box by popping the fabric wrapped foam board into the back.
6.  Add push pins (clear are preferred) to the top in a straight row.  I used the "two finger" technique and inserted each pin "two finger" distance from the top and "two finger" distance from the pin next to it. 
7.  Hang on the wall and add your necklaces.

The shadow boxes

Batting laid out around the foam board
Secure the batting

Secure the fabric
Two finger measurements

Finished product
These shadow box organizers are just perfect for organizing your fave accessories.  Have some fun with the project and use some fun fabrics to coordinate and jazz up your dressing area!

~charmed b

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