June 01, 2011


I must confess, I haven't met a strawberry I don't like!  One of my fave parts of summer is being able to dine on delish fresh produce at every turn.  Well, look no further - June is upon us and the very best dessert is so easy to pull off you must give it a whirl for your next get together!

It's just so simple, I probably should just hang my head in shame for even bringing it up and take for granted that everyone already has this recipe ... yet everytime I prepare this tasty treat it's met with rave (and I mean RAVE) reviews.  Who am I to dispute with raving fans ... and so I give the people what they want!  And so strawberry shortcake it is!

A recipe for this dessert might be an insult to some, but here's a few tips and tricks to pull off this oh so simply delish dessert we all know and LOVE!

First, skip those spongy pre-prepared ladyfingers from the deli section of the grocery store and whip up a batch of shortcakes.  I know, I know .... it sounds like work, but I promise it's as easy as Bisquick (thank the Lord for Bisquick!), sugar and milk (recipe is on the side of the Bisquick Light box).  Ten minutes and a few whisks of the batter and you will be the queen of the kitchen with your own sweet shortcakes that look like you slaved for hours. 

Second, enhance a large container of whipped topping (Cool Whip) with a little almond extract.  Just a cap full or two does the trick for a full container of whipped topping.  The almond adds such a great flavor and will leave everyone thinking you whipped your own (ssshhh... our secret!).  Then, simply slice up the berries and mix with a little sugar if you like, I skip the sugar because I think the berries are usually sweet enough and fab on their own.  Serve the short cakes, whipped topping, strawberries with a bit of vanilla icecream and voila ... it doesn't get any better than this!

For a recent get together, I opted for a make your own shortcake station, where each person had the opportunity to pile on as much sweet strawberry and cream goodness as they like!  It's a big hit and everyone will love making their own and chatting about how they love this summer sweet!

Ya'll enjoy!
~charmed b