June 07, 2011

Shower Games

All us gals have been forced to endure more than our share of shower games.  From the bridal fun kind to the mom to be games; we have wrapped ourselves in toilet tissue, played purse bingo, guessed the nursery rhyme and played all sorts of funtivities at parties and get togethers.  Each time the game is announced, it's met with eye rolls from the gals attending who don't want to be rude but would rather not partake most of the time.   

At our recent couple's baby shower, the hostesses with the mostess came up with some inventive and fun baby shower games.  This time ... the participants were the gents and all of us gals got a big laugh out of their antics and fun! 

The Baby Bottle Chug game received great reviews from all the gents that took part and it was a proud moment when Dear Hubs took home the prize for winning!

The Baby Bottle Chug
The Dish (what you need):
  • inexpensive baby bottles
  • beer
  • willing participants :)

The Rules:
1.  Fill the bottles with beer so that each bottle has an equal / even amount. 
2.  Distribute the baby bottles to the gents.
3.  Line up the fellas, preferably with a counter surface in front of them.
4.  Without using their hands (unless they must hold the bottle to start), each fella must flip his bottle upside down and drink the contents of the bottle as quickly as possible.
5.  Remember - NO HANDS!
6.  Winner finishes first.