June 02, 2011

The Backyard Challenge

June 2011 marks five years that Dear Hubs and I have lived in our home.  It seems like such a short time ago I was busy sewing curtains and planning the decor for our new digs as the builders took what seemed like forever to build our home.  While the five years have past like a flash, one constant reminder that there is still work to be done has been our backyard.  Don't get me wrong ... there was nothing "wrong" with it and so we endured and focused our attention on projects inside the home.  Well, the projects inside have pressed the limit and it's time we start that backyard overhaul we have dreamed of for some time now. 

We were one of the first new homes in our neighborhood when we built and we have loved welcoming each of our neighbors and friends to the place we call home.  Most anxiously though, we have waited for the lot next to our house to be built upon.  You see, in our builder's infinate wisdom, the lot directly next to us was deemed the "final phase" of the development and as such has remained untouched all this time.  As that new street begins to get some real estate shopping traction, we cross our fingers and hope for a lovely family to buy the lot next door and become our wonderful new neighbors!  It hasn't happened just yet, but we decided to press on with "phase 1" of the backyard overhaul anyways. 

Our vision for the overall backyard renovation was pretty elaborate.  The first step was to remove the deck off of the back of the house and to replace it with an even more spacious screened in porch.  I grew up with a screened in porch and have always just loved these outdoor rooms.  And, since I'm a bug magnet in the summertime, a screened in porch provides a welcome break from the constant bites and zaps of these pesky critters.

In time, we plan to add appropriate hardscaping to the yard; such as retaining walls and steps around to the finished basement.  Along with the hardscape, Dear Hubs has a vision of re-leveling the entire yard.  Now, I didn't know exactly what that entails (and still really don't), but apparently there's a lot of dirt movement, ew sod and he promises that when complete Baby B will have a perfectly flat yard to run and play on.  Besides the screened in porch, we hope to build a deck or an outdoor patio area behind the house for entertaining, conversation and enjoying the gorgeous outdoors when the mosquitos aren't!  Lastly, of course ... it's the pretty, pretty lipstick part - plantings!  And I'm hopeful there will be plenty of those to give us the perfect southern backyard in our minds eye.

Here's a few snaps of the before of the porch area and I promise to keep you informed every step of the way!

Now ... let's get digging!
~charmed b