May 03, 2011

April Showers

Adorable leopard matted and framed invitation welcoming guests

Cute wreath, compliments of bestie M

Calling this past weekend a whirlwind doesn't even sum up the events of the past few days!  With good friends and family, we celebrated book clubs, royal weddings, guest visits, triathalons, baby showers, cookouts, celebrity chefs and all sorts of FUN!  With just a few short weeks remaining between me and my new professional title of "mommy", my dear friends bestie M and bestie S hosted a baby shower for me and baby B.

The Hostesses with the Mostess Stop for a Quick Pic with Me

To say I'm a control freak is an understatement, and to note that I'm somewhat persnickity about parties and entertaining is laughable as well; but besties M and S did their very best to keep me completely at bay for the past few weeks as the planned a beautiful fete in my honor.  I was humbled and ever so appreciative of the hard work and love that went into this shower and was so thrilled by all of the wonderful friends who joined in the celebration.  While I love hosting events for others, I must say it's a lovely blessing to have wonderful people in your life that are willing to host an event for you; and I am forever gracious for their hospitality, friendship and love.

Great Friends for Many, Many Wonderful Years


On Saturday, besties M and S woke early (if they slept at all) to ready the party headquarters at Mathison Exchange for the event.  With a beautiful sunshine filled day, the skyline of Atlanta and scenic views from the roof top patio and clubhouse in Buckhead just couldn't be beat!  The decor was all so creative and tasteful.  Besties M and S incorporated a vintage wild animal toy theme and leopard accents with beautiful white and vibrant orange flowers.  The food was just delish and we all could have sworn it was catered by the finest chefs in Atlanta.  Well, it sort of was ... that is if these besties would just go into business!  The chicken salad was divine, the fruit crepes were so sweet and the desserts were creative and just delish too!

Words just don't do justice to the beautiful event these ladies put together, so here are some pics to point out the lovely details! 

Cute animal cracker favors

Story books for signing

Mimosa station

Drink station

Gorgeous fresh fruit skewers and homemade muffins
Divine Oreo truffles

Lovely food displays everywhere you look

Bright, cheery flowers

Delish cupcake display - love the orange accents from the candy!

To my dear friends, thank you for coming to the shower, your generosity of gifts and for celebrating this exciting time with me, my family and baby B!  And to bestie M and bestie S ... you are both a dream and just the greatest friends a diva can have! XOXO!

Wonderful Friends

Me and Hostess Bestie M

Bestie A came all the way from Charleston to help us celebrate!

Zsa Zsa and Mrs D

Great friends help celebrate the day!

Zsa Zsa, Me and La La

Me and Hostess Bestie S
Enjoying the lovely brunch

One more quick pic with friends!

~charmed b