May 09, 2011

A Tisket ... A Tasket

It all started with a basket... a grapevine basket I made in a high school art class to be exact.  One of the few "keepable" things that has ever been cranked out of art class and worthy of being saved was a large grapevine basket that Zsa Zsa has long since kept on her screened in porch full of fresh greenery.  Not to boast, but it actually looks like a nice, artistic piece that I'd consider buying (and that's saying something given that we have all seen what art class wonders kids can create). 

So, spring came this year and as Zsa Zsa prepped her porch for perfectly styled entertaining and enjoying.  She decided to send the basket my way for an overhaul.  Instead of filling with ivy and other green plants, she pointed to the basket on my family room coffee table and said "I want the basket to look like that".  And so I went to my crafty storage area and retrieved the appropriate supplies to make "that" for her. 

I should start by describing "that" which is my family room coffee table display.  A year or so ago, I was hot on the trail of a floral display for my family room that would go with the more natural feel of my accessories and play up the natural elements in the room.  I didn't want a silk floral arrangement, but rather something less fussy that would tie in the new look I was going for.  While on my hunt, I came across an inspiration piece at an antique store with a whopper of a price tag.  Resiliant that I could "totally make something like that", I set out to make a budget friendly piece that looked similar.  And I'm pleased as punch with the result.  The simple basket is filled with various mosses and topped with some twigs that tie the basket into an artistic piece.  Simple, clean line and thankfully no silk flowers :)!

And now on to my challenge ... how do I take a very brittle, delicate grapevine basket and do much the same and make a fitting piece for the perfect porch Zsa Zsa loves so dear.  The result ... a little different, a bit more earthy but overall very much a perfect accessory for her table.  The different mosses used compliment the basket nicely and the beauty of it is that she can surround the mossy knoll with either some simple fresh flowers in clay pots, votive candles or keep the sweet and serene robins eggs nested on top of the moss as I show in the pics.

To craft a similar natural wonder, just buy an assortment of mosses from the craft store, shape over some floral foam and pin in place with floral pins.  Yes, it is that easy!  Enjoy your creative side and just see what comes of it!

~charmed b