May 06, 2011

So Dang Cute

On a little lunch break boutique shopping excursion this week (pretend you didn't see that Dear Hubs), I came across one of the new styles of Dang Chick t-shirts and I knew it just had to be mine.  Dear Hubs, a big SUV full of friends and I are heading to the Zac Brown Band concert tonight and when I saw this Dang Chick's shirt, I knew it was the perfect tee for the show!

If you aren't familiar with the Dang Chicks line, it's just adorable and witty.  Their shirts and other accessories are all jammed packed with "dang" attitude and are just so fun to wear.  Country star, Miranda Lambert, is a big fan and sports her dang Texan style when she performs. 

While I have resisted many of the cute styles each season, the new "dang southern" design just HAD to be mine!  Besides proudly sporting my southern heritage, sweet tea got a shout out on the design as well ... adorable!

Check out the collection and find a "dang" attitutude that you love!

~charmed b