May 23, 2011

Cultered and Refinement ...

On Friday evening, Dear Hubs and I braved Atlanta rush hour traffic and left our little suburban bubble  heading southbound into the city.  We met bestie M and her hubs J for dinner and had every intention of adding a little culture to our weekend by attending a show at the Mason Murer Art Gallery.  In the car as we strategized which way would be fastest to get into the middle of Buckhead, Dear Hubs inquired "so tell me why we are doing this again?"  The "this" he was speaking of was attending a gallery exhibition.  You see, Dear Hubs is a wonderful man and is pretty easy going ... but when it comes to things of the decorating, art, culture or refined stylings; I typically let him off the hook and find gal pals to attend.  My response to his question was that he was going to enjoy the show and it would be a good time, plus he had J there to endure and suffer with him.

During dinner, Dear Hubs confessed to M and J that he still didn't know why he got roped into "this".  M laughed and went on to say that she and J had a similar dialog in the car.  Dinner at the Georgia Grille was delish and after a tasty marg or two, Dear Hubs was willing to give the art show a whirl.  As luck would have it, M and J had to scoot out early due to a sick babe; but somehow I successfully conned Dear Hubs into taking a stroll through the gallery.

To my surprise, the gallery is lovely and exhibits the works of some well known and lesser known artists.  With about 20 artists' works to choose from, we enjoyed viewing them all and pointing out the ones we really found interesting and loved (as well as the ones we thought we could do ourselves!).  My fave, was the works by Sidney Guberman.  Sidney's work has graces designer homes and magazines around Atlanta for some time now, and he also happens to be a friend and neighbor of my design buddy T.  The collection on display was bright, vibrant colors of mixed media on canvas.  I just love his works!

Sheridan by Sidney Guberman - 2007

Culebra X by Sidney Guberman - 2008

Boulder by Sidney Guberman - 2007

St. Vrain by Sidney Guberman - 2009
So ... after surviving the exhibition (crowds and all), I'd tell ya'll all to give culture and refinement a whirl on your next date night, it's not so bad!

~charmed b