May 11, 2011

Ladies Lunch

It's an Atlanta tradition most definitely, and a right of passage of sorts for fine young women from this great city to call themselves southern belles; but a ladies lunch at the Swan Coach House is a must do.  This past weekend, three generations of ladies in my family gathered for lunch at this lovely establishment.  The restaurant's charm and feminine elegance is unmatched and we all agreed we could have sat for hours and enjoyed the spot.

Nana, Zsa Zsa, me, dear Jean and LaLa

We sipped tea and Georgia Peach cocktails and gabbed about funny memories we all shared.  Most noteable of the stories, Zsa Zsa informed us that her Zeta Tau Alpha preferencial during rush was at this very location, how's that for some history?  This caused La La and I to attempt to recount where ours were held and realized very quickly that while lovely, it was possibly not as memorable as being able to say it was at the Swan Coach House.  We dined on the best the menu had to offer and finished off the meal with wonderfully delicate chocolate swan desserts that are as fab tasting as they are for presentation! 

My DELISH lunch - sandwich sampler and seafood bisque

Out of this world frozen fruit salad

I hope to soon convince my dear besties A, A and M that we should establish a routine of meeting here every few months our own time to catch up and have a ladies lunch.  This spot is totally up my and M's alley and I'm sure we can convince the other two to play along :)!  And yes A, A and M ... if you are reading this I will probably tell you hats are required for the first installment :)!