May 13, 2011

Too Cute Tee's

A few weeks back, I posted a story about my dear bestie S and her upcoming mission trip to Cambodia.  Well, today marks the day she leaves on her adventure and as before, I ask you to remember her and her mission team in your prayers and thoughts over the coming two weeks.  In her bags, S has a treasure trove of gifts for the kids she will be working with over the next few weeks and one of these fun little gifts is a cute pink t-shirt for each of the girls. 

A month or so ago; S, friend K and I were at a convention for work together and were given these delightfully tacky bedazzled t-shirts.  S made a joke that we can give her our t-shirts and that the girls in Cambodia would love them.  Well, with a good heart, I knew she was joking and none of us wanted to fathom the thought that these poor dears on the other side of the globe would be wearing our tacky hand-me-downs.  And so, instead ... I felt obliged to make these sweet little girls their own too cute tees that they will look adorable wearing and be excited to receive!

In addition to having a fit for this type of a charmed event, these shirts make a great party favor or just the perfect way to embellish a t-shirt for your own little precious.

The Dish (what you need):
The Deal (what to do):
1.  Remove the backing from the applique and apply to the t-shirt.
2.  Simply iron into place
3. Tie with cute ribbon so that the bedazzled part shows

Stacks and stacks of butterflies from

Close up of the pink and white sparkle  butterfly

T-shirts all rolled up with tulle for delivery

It was so quick and simple and I know it will bring a smile to these little cuties faces!

~charmed b