May 26, 2011

Creative Crumbs

As part of an absolutely adorable gift basket from sweet friends N and J; N wrestled up some of the cutest designer cookies you can find!  N's sister is none other than Gina of Creative Crumbs by Gina and was recruited to make some adorable baby cookies for Baby B.  Gina was charged to make her so sweet baby onesie cookies in blue with a too cute little frog on each.  As I swooned over how perfectly crafted each cookie was, N pointed out that I must actually eat them because they taste as good as they look! 

Now, I just can't bear the thought of eating all these precious cookies because they are so darn cute I have to save these for at least a short while.  But, I will confess that I did crack open one little package so that Dear Hubs and I could taste these little perfections andN was indeed right!  The cookies are fantastic!  I know we have all had those cookies that look beautiful, but taste like a brick with mortar for frosting that was made sometime before we were born, well this is just not the case with Gina's treats!  The icing is as tasty as it is perfectly smoothly placed on the cookie and the cookie was firm with a fresh lemon zest taste and not even a hint of dryness!     

Next time you are in need of a perfect favor, sweet treat, hostess gift or any other excuse to buy designer cookies; check out Gina's handy work; you will not be dissappointed!  She has all sorts of options to choose from and will even design custom cookies for you!