March 26, 2011

Oh Baby...

In a few short months, I will be adding the prestigious title of "mommy" to my resume. Any awards, titles or wins before just don’t even hold a candle to my excitement about this additional title! Dear Hubs and I are expecting a little boy this summer and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Since this is our first (even though I promised myself I would do these kinds of fun little celebrations for future babes too), we wanted a special way to share the good news with friends and family,

First things first, how do we share the exciting “it’s a boy” message with two sets of doting, adoring grands to be? Since one set of future grandparents live out of town, we settled on sending a super cute flower arrangement and balloons to announce his boyhood, along with a note telling them to call us when they arrived.

Next, how do you tell a group of fab besties (that all have wonderful older babes of their own) that yours will be a boy? Got that covered too! We found out it’s a boy on a Friday, so we asked the friends to report over for cocktail hour that evening. When they arrived, they couldn’t help but find out if Baby M was going to be a he or a she (even though Dear Hubs tried to throw them off by wearing a pink shirt).

The surprise was shared with everyone over champagne and blue frosted cupcakes. Of course, I just couldn’t help myself and decked out a vase of daisies with “It’s A Boy” ribbon and filling the apothecary jars that reside on my kitchen island with blue tissue paper!

Besties P and D with our first baby supplies!


~charmed b