March 25, 2011

Thinking Pink

Honeysuckle pink to be exact. I’ve loved this color for years, and affectionately call it “Barbie Pink”. This color has made it’s way into everything from my Christmas décor to wardrobe and if Dear Hubs would permit, I’d be using this color all over the house. He’s agreed to cranberry pinky red as an alternative and I’m pleased as (pink hawaiian) punch about that!

Thanks to the good folks at Patone’s Fashion Color Report, we can all rejoice because lovely “Barbie Pink” aka honeysuckle pink is the 2011 color of the year. Patone is the world’s color authority and decided that this was the hottest shade of the year. I couldn’t agree more and am so happy to hear my pinkness is in style this season, and that my D&G handbag from 3 years will be back in rotation this spring!

Here’s a few must have pink finds to be “with it” and thinking pink!

Perfect way to add a pink punch without much commitment – how cute is this frame?

Ready for game night? Now you are!
And what a way to kick off warm weather, a stylish outdoor seating option!

Keep cool with this cute fan – great find for a kid’s bedroom, girly master bath, porch or even add a punch of color to your kitchen!

Super affordable and adorable fashion finds for spring! Etsy shops: LinenLuluCottonZuzu and solarwood .  Both of these were just ordered by moi!

Happy Pink Shopping!
~charmed b