March 30, 2011

Presto .... Chango

I love seasonal expressions inside my home and brightening up my front porch.  What I'm not a fan of is gathering up all sorts of cute, seasonal items that have to find a home elsewhere the other 48+ weeks of the year!  When possible, I buy good basics that can supplement the seasonal decor (and cut down on the items that need to be stored).  One great example of reuse is my early spring front porch decor.  These wreathes have been multi-purposed for St. Patrick's Day, Easter and other spring time events for a few years now.  Each year in late February, I dust off the wreathes, change out the festive ribbon to something fresh and new and start my spring off right!

I made these wreathes using a styrophome form.  To replicate, simply wrap ribbon around (and around, and around) the wreath; pinning with floral pins as you go every so often.  This simple, clean lime green circle is a nice contrast to the normal big, full floral that most people use for front door wreathes.

Green shamrock bows and a cute wooden clover make these perfect for St. Patrick's Day!

Same wreath ... this time with a big fluffy pink bow and a wicker bunny for Easter!

For St. Pat's, A big green clover bow and a cute wooden charm were added.  Then, come mid-March, the green bow is simply removed and replaced with a cute wicker bunny and big pink bow.  Perfect for Easter!  Of course, my guard dogs require an appropriate festive bow as well!

Even the guard dogs get in the spirit :)

Taking this multi-use approach to your seasonal decor will save you time, money and the headache of storage.  Enjoy!

~charmed b