March 22, 2011

Welcome Spring

I'm so thrilled to report that it's the first week of spring!  Those cold snowy days of winter are finally behind us!  I swear, each year they feel colder and colder and make me yearn for warm spring days to hurry up and arrive. 

One sure fire sign of spring in the south is when the daffodils begin to bloom.  My lovely little bulbs began popping about two weeks ago, and this week were joined by their friends the tulips.  Oh what a welcome sign this is!

In other areas of the country, tulips are a sign of spring as well.  In the Seattle area, the Pacific Northwest celebrates the first signs of spring with the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.  This festival is held each year in the month of April and is a sight to see for sure! 

The month long event includes a festival, field tours, wine tastings and all sorts of lovely outdoor events to put a little spring in your step!  Even if you aren't in the region, you can enjoy some of the lovely sights online and add sunshine to your day!  These pics are from local photographers of the event and just screaming "welcome spring!"

~charmed b