March 31, 2011

Black Swan

The name couldn't fit this crafty idea any better if I do say so myself! (Well, it was that or Angry Birds; which as a sidenote Dear Hubs has been playing like a junkie!) Today's lovely is a great way to give a second life to any little handbag or clutch in your closet that's a little past her prime.

Carrie and her feather bag from Sex and the City

Feather clutch, available online
If you are like me, little clutch purses have multiplied in your closet over the years and you just have too many that have lost their luster and are not the dynamo they once were. While Kate Spade might have a heart attack to see what I did to one of her bags, this little idea saved this bag from Goodwill and will be the perfectly cute accessory for my next big night out! Perfect for dressing up jeans and a black top or even appropriate for a cute basic cocktail dress; my little Black Swan will just the sassy accessory I needed!
From start to finish, including feather clean up (which takes more time than you would think!), I was fashion forward in under an hour!

The Dish (what you need):
  • A clutch or small handbag
  • Glue - prefer glue gun
  • Fabric glue (optional)
  • Feather trim (available at craft stores in the floral section or fabric section)
  • Coordinating ribbon

 How To:

 1. Shake out feathers to remove any fly aways (no pun intended)

2. Begin attaching feathers on the side of bag. Pay close attention to have the feathers hang longer than the bottom of the bag (but not too long). For my bag, I measured one ruler width up and drew my glue line. The ruler or drawing a straight line helps you to keep your feathers straight across the bag.

3. Continue wrapping the feathers around the bag on fresh glue. Press to secure as you go.

4. Once you complete a full rotation of the bag, move up another measured width and continue with a new rotation. Don't worry, you can cover the section where you moved up a "row". Important to note, if you keep your rows close together, your purse will be very full and fluffy. If you prefer for the bag to lay flatter and not be as full, spread out your rows (you won't use as many feathers).

5. Wrap final rotation close, but not exactly on the top of the bag. You need to leave a tiny gap.

6. Trim any feathers that refuse to lay flat in place.

7. Wrap a coordinating ribbon around the very top of the bag to hide the ugly glue seam and give a nice finished edge to the bag.

From very drab...

To fun and fab!


~charmed b