April 19, 2011

Claim To Fame

It's one of those random things that comes up at cocktail parties ... how someone's cousin's boyfriend's friends know a celebrity and had some juicy gossip to share.  Or maybe it's that random happening of a brush with stardom in an airport (a la my cross country flight with drunk Eddie Money as a seat mate), but these are the interesting sidebar conversations that add a little interest to the everyday. 

This weekend while in Philly with my wonderful inlaws, my dear MIL told me that she recently sold a cavalier to Project Runway finalist Laura Bennett.  For background, MIL breeds and shows Cavalier King Charles spaniels.  Laura's little pup is the same tri-color breed as my diva dogs (but couldn't possibly be as cute).  MIL shared that Laura was a great lady and how much she enjoyed meeting her and working with her.  MIL said that Laura came to their house in Philly a few times over the past few months and now Laura, her big family of eight and their new furry addition are happily settling in in her NYC digs.

For those that can't quite place Laura, she was the firey red head from Season 3 of the hit show Project Runway.  Her designs are mostly conservative and she tends to focus on evening wear, but has had huge success with a private label brand with QVC.  Last year, she authored the book Didn't I Feed You Yesterday? A Mother's Guide to Sanity in Stilettos.  As a firm believer in super high heels (yes, still even at 7 months preggo), I have to say "Amen, sister!" and cannot wait to download this and read it asap! 

And last random Project Runway / Laura Bennett tie in, the next Season of Project Runway is casting in NYC in just a few weeks!  So, stay tuned for new episodes coming soon!

~charmed b