April 13, 2011

Sweet Easter Topiary

I've been away at a women's leadership conference for the past few days, and while Business B feels completely inspired and ready to conquer the world, Crafty B was in withdrawl!  Within the first minutes of arriving home, I whipped up this cute topiary crafty that's sure to round out my Easter decor and make it just a little bit sweet!

The Dish (what you need):
  • a topiary form (available at craft stores and reusable for TONS of projects!)
  • approx. 2 bags of packaged Easter candy
  • straight pins
  • ribbon and tissue to fluff :)
Craft in a Snap (what to do):
1.  Begin on one seam of the topiary form at the bottom.
2.  Place a push pin through the candy wrapper near the edge (in the middle of the edge - where you would rip into it to eat).
3.  Begin adding candies one above the other along the seam until you reach the top middle.
4.  Work your way around in the same motion, starting at the bottom and work to the top with each row, fill in as needed if you have gaps.
5.  Place form in a decorative container, I have a ton of silver plated vases that do just dandy for this.
6.  Cover base with tissue fluff and add ribbon around the neck of the topiary.

You can use any delish Easter treat you would like - I'm a sucker for a Snickers ... so of course, it was my natural temptation of choice!  If you are worried about the pins, you can always use a glue instead, but be sure that the glue doesn't touch the candy itself!

Enjoy your sweet topiary treat, and invite your guests and family to do the same (as you eat the candy pieces, you can stick the straight pins into the base so they don't wind up on the floor!).

~charmed b