April 14, 2011

Meet the Diva Dogs

The Diva Dogs:  Sheila (left) and Colby (right)

It's a travesty, according to my Bestie S, that I haven't introduced my diva dogs to the blogosphere.  I tend to agree.  I'm the proud mama of two furry babies, Sheila and Colby.  These two Cavelier King Charles Spaniels are the epitome of diva dogs.  They sit on the couch, think I should hang off the edge of the bed while they enjoy the middle of "my side" and expect tasty treats on a constant basis.  These two have taken over my life since they joined my household a few years ago and turned me into the ultimate "dog person".  If you ask Zsa Zsa and my dear dad, Pops, they would never believe that I would be a dog person .... I attempted picking up our family maltese once as a child and did so with paper towels.  I can't explain it, but I must say I've come a long way, baby! 

Now, the diva dogs who rule the house and I have developed an affinity for my doggy photo shoots to capture these two for holidays, or any occassion for that matter.  They have costumes for special events, coats for the cold winters and any other ridiculous attire imaginable.  What can I say, they look so darn cute all dolled up!  Dear Hubs typically gets called in for reinforcements when I embark on these photo shoots and always begrudgingly says "I can't believe I'm doing this" when I start barking orders of how he is to hold a treat above the camera to get them to stare!

Some photo shoots go well... some don't.  This is their attempt to boycott the Christmas ribbon shoot!

Christmas Elves under the tree

Bumble Bees for Halloween

So now that you have met them, get ready for their adventures.  I've got a few cute things to share!

~charmed b