April 20, 2011

Easter Decor Blast from the Past Roundup

It seems two things are certain when it comes to holidays and my family.  First, any holiday is cause for a celebration which means appropriate entertaining and decor ensues.  LaLa and I came by this genetically thanks to dear Zsa Zsa's crafty ability to take any meal and make a dazzling tablescape to match!  And second, as the years press on and in spite of our attempts to do "something small", the celebrations grow bigger and more elaborate with each tablescape, Easter basket, fried turkey or Christmas stocking!

Call it crazy, or call it fun ...I should probably mention that every year we still have an Easter Egg hunt.  Only to keep our interest, Zsa Zsa introduced lottery tickets and dollar bills to the traditional candy hunt a few years back.  Yep ... she wins ... we play along!  Here are a few Easter decor memories caught in the digital age and actually uploaded.  I'm so pleased that I've actually gotten better about this with time!

Creative "basket" full of acrylic serveware and wine glasses

The egg hunt moved indoors due to rain, and even Zsa Zsa and Buck play along!
Beautiful spring dessert display, compliments of Zsa Zsa

Easter baskets ready for the gifting
Sheila and her egg shaped cookie

Colby can't wait to get to his!
Tired bunny sleeping off the Easter ham!