April 23, 2011

This Year's Bunny Roundup

Earlier this week, I shared a few cute snapshots of Easter's past.  I just couldn't pass up the chance to share a few pics from this year's decor as well as a few reminders of cute, quick fix tips for last minute special holiday touches.  Don't forget to check out the Bunny Tails post from earlier today and the past postings for the Sweet Easter Topiary  and Presto - Chango for some additional pics and how to's!

Festive Foyer Display - no peaking in the packages!
The bunny wreathes - featured earlier this season in the Presto Chango post!
Delish Snicker topiary from the posting earlier this week!

The kitchen island

Close up of our ceramic bunnies - all were gifted to me or Dear Hubs in our youth