April 07, 2011

Come On Baby, Light My Fire...

One of my every day charmings is a really nice candle.  Dear Hubs and friends that know me well know that I love a really nice candle and almost always have one burning in my living room or kitchen if I'm home for more than a few minutes.  Here's a few of my faves, some you may have heard of and a few you may not ...

Lucky Owl makes fantastic soy candles.  This is one of those that has such a unique and fantastic scent your entire house will smell like a spa in no time flat!  I also love that they have one with such a girly bedazzled fleur (my fave!).

This is my find of the decade ... I love this candle and it actually has a funny story.  My favorite restaurant in Dallas is a fab spot called Hibiscus (note to self - I totally have to tell ya'll about this place).  One of the things I love most about the restaurant, besides the perfect menu and service is that the entire restaurant has a soft floral aroma thanks to this signature candle and fresh flowers everywhere.  Full of determination, during a visit about 2 years ago, I finally picked up a candle to track down what exactly that magical scent was ... bingo!  Jackpot!  I found this delicious pearl chi candle by er'go, a Dallas based candle maker.  I've been ordering these by the case since!

This next one is a gem and comes in a large size that makes it fit perfectly as an accessory on a table without looking like an afterthought.  I was first introduced to Low Country Luxe at the Paris Market in Savannah.  It was love at first sight (and scent).  Thank goodness my dear sis LaLa also saw these beaties and surprised me with one!  These soy candles all have charming southern names and fantastic scents to match!  I just love the Savannah scent with its soft jasmine floral aroma and Gullah is just amazing with an oh so southern gardenia and magnolia smell. 

Last but certainly not least, Seda France makes hand poured candles that just can't go wrong!  They aren't exactly a newcomer to the market, but definitely win the award for classic elegance.  These make the perfect gift for a bestie or to thank a hostess for her hospitality!  Japanese Quince and French Tulip are two of my faves!

So grab a nice glass of wine, light one of these candle lovelies and watch the stress just melt right away!

~charmed b