April 10, 2011


From time to time, I partake in the suburban neighborhood ritual of bunco.  The dice rolling is intense, finger foods abound and the delightful conversation with neighborhood friends is free flowing.  It's a fun mid-week break from the work week chaos and a great way to keep up with who's doing what! 

As a self proclaimed "fan of math", I actually don't mind the score keeping part of the game; and my competitive nature forces me to blurt out scores for the entire table (I'm sure that's really fun for those who are sitting with me).  But, I realize I may be on my own little math island when it comes to enjoying keeping score.  My girlfriends all complain and sigh heavily that they hate this part.  And, after a few glasses of wine, I think some people NEED a little helper to keep up with the score!  I came across this adorable app and given how prevelant smart phones are these days, I thought appropriate to share.  You can download the Buncolator from the App Store.  The app is developed by two super cute friends and bunco superfans.