April 23, 2011

Bunny Tails

Even in the charmed life blogosphere, things don't always go perfectly.  Earlier this week with a perfectly adorable Easter crafty in mind, I set out to make meringue cookies for the first time.  Much to my dismay, at 10pm and after baking these lovelies at a super low temperature for more than double the recipe noted time, I admitted defeat to meringue 101 and learned the valuable lesson that you must not overbeat your egg whites else they will never, ever, ever no matter how hard you try dry into the delish cookies you intend them to be.

So far so good ... almond meringues ready to bake (and bake and bake ....)

I pride myself on being a resourceful Renaissance woman, so off to the store I go to procure these adorable treats to complete my craft.  Store bought shame aside, the end result is just adorable and these "Bunny Tails" are the perfect sweet treat for little Easter gifties!  So make your own (I'm going to try it again) or buy yourself some delish meringues at a local bakery / grocer and package them up with a cute ribbon and tag proclaiming them as bunny tails and you too will have a cute, witty treat for yourself and friends!

This makes a great last minute Easter basket filler for big and little kids alike!

~charmed b