April 29, 2011

Royal Bandwagon

It's official, I can't resist ... I'm on the Royal Wedding bandwagon with every other red blooded TV / gossip viewer and royal enthusiast.  How can you not be???  I've had a far and away crush on dear Prince William since his teenage days and now think he's met a suitably adorable match in Miss Kate Middleton. 

Due to a crazy schedule of Book Club Thursday, Baby Shower Saturday and serving as a B&B for some out of town guests, hosting my own royal viewing party was out of the question.  And so, as a suitable alternative, I've persuaded my dear B&B guest, bestie A, to watch the royal media parade on DVR with me Friday evening.

After a casual dinner, we will partake in tiara wearing, a spot of tea, short bread cookie delights and enjoy all things royal as we watch a marathon of specials on the royal wedding event.  I have all the appropriate accoutrements ready to go; a Staffordshire Tea Service that was received as a wedding gift from a family friend years ago, my three tiered stand of treats and of course ... the tiaras!  Yes, proudly I own not one, but two lovely rhinestone tiaras and love a rational excuse to dawn one of them! 

So sit back, relax and celebrate being British if even just for a day!

~ charmed b