April 16, 2011

Brunching Around Town

Oh weekend, sweet weekend!  A wonderful time to sleep just a few minutes later, linger on your coffee a few moments longer and savor the glory of the day just a bit more!  If you asked me what my favorite meal would be, I'd strongly proclaim BRUNCH!  I think my Bestie C won me to the brunch team years ago with a lovely spot in Newport Beach that offered a champagne brunch.  Yep, you say champagne and I say I'm there! 

While I can point out my favorite spots in southern California, Dallas, and other towns across this great country for this divine weekend ritual, I still struggle with my Atlanta favorites.  That was until now ... I have reloaded my list with a few new spots to try in the coming weeks, but for now 88 Paces Bistro at the St. Regis hotel in Buckhead holds the top spot! 

The St. Regis itself is a decorating masterpiece full of beautiful, calm traditional modern elegance that just can't be beat.  The restaurant one ups the decor with mouth watering food and delish champagne and bloody marys!  Bestie A and I had the great fortune to spend a leisure brunch catching up and dining at this wonderful spot just last week.  We dined on delish egg white omlettes and took in the scene! 

So start your weekend with a little R&R - the brunch way!

~charmed b