April 08, 2011

Southern Supper

Food in Charleston just can’t be beat citywide, I love the city and the restaurants to boot.  As a strong advocate, and fan of the farm to table concept, I appreciate the fresh, local cuisine of many of the new high end restaurants around the south.

Paying homage to my southern roots, and as a direct request from Zsa Zsa, today’s post is a recommendation to try the fantastic Charleston eatery called Husk. Husk is located right smack in the historic district of Charleston on Elizabeth Street. I had the great fortune of eating at this fine establishment on my last visit to C-town, and have sent Zsa Zsa and the fam there for dinner tonight! Validating my rave review, Southern Living and other publications have felt inspired to give this spot accolade as well.

Husk is the latest offering from the Neighborhood Dining Group and famed Chef Sean Brock, using their talents to give culinary interpretation to the Lowcountry. The restaurant building is reminiscint of the old south, dating back to the late 19th century, and has been dolled up with beautiful sleek décor. The menu is rustic and hearty and changes based on availability of local ingredients, but always combine a modern sensibility and wonderful southern cuisine.  Husk has also teamed up with some wonderful local suppliers like Thackery Farms and The Charleston Tea Plantation to provide the very best in local ingredients.

Dining Room picture (from Husk's website)

Every lovely menu item that has touched the lips of my dining party was received with rave reviews. My best and uncomplicated description is that the menu is full of “fancy comfort food”. The devilled eggs are tried and true, the shrimp and grits are creamy and do justice to the fame of this dish and the tenderloin with red potatoes and oyster mushrooms is full of great flavor. The big surprise… the burger! When this dish surfaced from the kitchen, our entire table said “wow”. And yes, it’s as good as it looks!

So, next time you are in Charleston, stop over for a Sunday Brunch Bloody Mary or a Southern Supper when you can. Chef Brock proclaims “If it doesn’t come from the South, it’s not coming through the door.” And to that … I say, Amen!